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Sophisticated laboratories and exact tests:

Amana Food’s advanced laboratories strictly control and monitor all raw materials before they find their way to its production facilities. This is done by its best-trained quality control staff in coordination with highly experienced laboratory scientists and technicians who are, in turn, equipped with the most sophisticated laboratory equipment. These technicians test all raw materials before, during, and after production to ensure that its products are safe, healthy, and tasty enough to maintain its customers’ confidence!

Super clean production environment:

Living up to its responsibility in providing the safest foods, Amana foods utilizes the latest World-class technology in cleaning and sterilizing all of its facilities.

Four ISO Certificates:

Since its founding, Amana Foods believed in precision and perfection in production. This was many years before ISO certification became popular! Its goal has always been to provide the most consistent food products. This made it only natural for Amana Foods to be the first company in the region to obtain all 4 ISO certifications that are related to its industry at the same time. Amana Foods possesses today ISO 9001 related to quality management, ISO 22000 related to food safety management, OHSAS18001 related to operational health and safety, and ISO 14001 related to environmental management.

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